Rates & Terms

Hourly Rate: $30/hr (social/weekend), $20/hr (regular)

All Hirers

  1. A Hire Agreement must be filled out, and a $100/$150 bond applies.
  2. Bond Refunds first require an inspection of the facilities;
    usually next day. Deductions will be made for:
    overtime; damage; losses; cleaning/clearing up afterwards.
  3. Hall Keys need to be picked up from MPHS Community Trust – Hubwest (27 Corban Avenue, Henderson) and dropped back off at MPHS by Tuesday for bond return Thursday.
    Monies due must be paid in full at or before pick up.

NOTE: Bookings by email or phone 838 4820.
—  Please use our Booking Form: | here

Hall Rules:

  1. The hall must be vacated by 11pm,
  2. Strictly NO-ALCOHOL allowed,
  3. Hirers must clean up afterwards.

Failure to meet these requirements will incur disqualification from future bookings.

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