The Sunnyvale Community Hall is run by MPHS Community Trust


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The hall is registered to carry 60 people. There are 40 adult and 25 children’s chairs; 7 fold-up trestle table and 2 children’s table.

How to get there

For locals this map will be enough.  Those not familiar with the area can open the expanded map: | click here.

Note the proximity of the railway station and the Henderson-New Lynn bus-stops (service 149 arrives on the hour, every hour).

Booking the hall

  1. Our hire rate is $30/hour.
  2. Please check availability here – Bookings Calendar
  3. To  request a booking send an email – Contact Form

Casual Hire

  1. A bond of $150 applies for a casual hirer
  2. Hall keys need to be collected at MPHS Community Trust (27 Corban Avenue, Henderson) and returned by Tuesday for bond return Thursday.

More information refer to our Rates & Terms.
Also please read our Hall Rules.

* NZ Incorporated Societies (223140)

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